Style Control

Preview all available Preset Styles and any associated combinations on the Style Variations page.

You can control the style options of the Infuse template from the Joomla administrator template manager. Here you can choose from one of the Preset Style combinations, or create your own Custom preset all from the administrator.

You need to set Preset Style to Custom in Extensions → Template Manager → rt_infuse_j15 for the configuration options to work.

The options are as follows, and the areas that they control are indicative in their name:-

  • Header Style: Full, Standard or Simple
  • Body Style: Style 1 to Style 6

Creating your own Preset Styles

  • Login to the Joomla Administrator
  • Go to Extensions → Template Manager → rt_infuse_j15
  • Set Preset Style to Custom
  • Choose your desired style options
  • Hit Custom Style in the top right button menu
  • Copy the code from the Custom Style Output box.
  • Go to /templates/rt_infuse_j15/styles.php
  • Edit the code between array() with your copied code block
  • Save and upload
We recommend that you keep the original style1... names and just modified the other elements, for compatibility reasons.